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The Elements Retreat Madeira


The Elements Retreat: 5 nights with Daily Vinyasa Flow Yoga / Restorative Yoga / Breathwork Sessions It´s Time to dive deep on the practice.

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Teacher training Aerial Vinyasa Yoga with Elements. Ericeira, Madeira and Oslo Norway. The Teacher Training Aerial Vinyasa Yoga with Elements is more than a training. In each course something change, something ‘moves’ and the students are the principle ingredient of this course. Each student brings new ways, new movements, new inspirations. Aerial Vinyasa yoga it’s […]

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The Art of Surrender

Body Mind and Spirit. Internal Dance. The surrender comes with discipline, courage, no expectations and a lot of practice. In each asana we try to find the confort on the disc [...]

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Water Movement

Water Movement

Still and warm water.Slowly I allow the weight to release. Eyes closed. Holding the breath.Nothing comes. Emptiness. Internal Movement. Celular Dance happens from inside to ou [...]

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