Strenght with Softness
Movement with Stilness
Sounds with Silence
She will guide you from her heart respecting each body.
The body is the Map the Breath is the guide.

   About Catarina

Woman, Sister, Mother.

Taurus ascendent Sagitarius.

Since young she wants to know more about herself…

She starts to learn Massage and after that a lot of new tools for the body and the soul come to her path. She is a searcher.

In 2001, she graduated in Ayurvedic Massage. Later she took the first level of Sound Massage with tibetan bowls by the method Peter Hess. In 2008 she learned Kundalini Massage in India.

She is a international certified Yoga Teacher, Aerial Yoga Teacher.

In 2012 she decided to take a Teacher Training of 200h in Tantra Yoga with Tri Dosha Method, India. After that the Movement like Medicine becomes her tool, for her and also for the others. She believes that the Movemente never lies. On that time Norway was her home and she starts to teach there. Soon she felt passion for teaching.

Studing, Searching forever: Yoga, Aerial, Breathwork, Vinyasa Flow, Dance, Afro Dance, Water Movement, Palnts … and everything that she felts that works for her.

The Movement comes to heal her body. (Long story for another time).

She works together with nature, together with Elements.

Her classes are dynamic, sometimes stronger, sometimes more restorative, but always connected with the breath and respecting each body, each structure.

The body is the Map, the Breath is the Guide.

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