Manual Aerial Vinyasa Yoga


This course was created from the desire to combine several passions in my life: movement, dance, yoga, Aerial Yoga, water movement and nature. Naturally, I found my way of practising and teaching with the fabric.

From a very early age, I was passionate about therapies and sought self-knowledge to try to understand what I didn’t understand.

I graduated in Ayurvedic Massage and Sound Massage with the Peter Hess system.

Yoga came later when I fell in love with Vinyasa Flow. I learned at Sri Kali Ashram in India, and after I deepened the practice of Vinyasa Flow.

Aerial Yoga started in 2014 and now a days it is one of my passions I keep studying, and I am increasingly in love with somatic movement, conscious movement, dance, Yoga and Aerial Yoga as medicine for the body.