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Students Testimonials
Celine, Oslo Norway

Your teachings are with me. I think the most powerful one is having this realionship with my breath and my body, having my movements be guided by my breath! Wow! And also the fire, to initiate and go for it! To test my own limits and my strenght and endurance! Feels good and empowreing!


Celine, Oslo Norway


Catarina is an inspiration.
In her teacher trainings you’ll learn not only how to teach aerial yoga, but also the connection with your own intuition and the elements. With her feminine, free-spirited and loving nature she is not only a brilliant teacher but also a role model for every woman.

Elizabeth Gilli

I highly recommend this teacher training program: the program it self is very professional and each day is logically organised after each element. The teacher Catarina lives and breathes this material and she spreads so much knowledge, enthusiasm and love for the craft. You will come out a changed person ❤️


I completed 50 hours of Aerial Yoga with Catarina a few weeks ago and it was such a fabulous course I would highly recommend it! Previous to the training I had only practised Aerial yoga a handful of times so I wasn’t sure what to expect but I had the most fun time ever. Catarina is very inspiring and patient and teaches in a way that suits all abilities on the silk. A week I’ll always remember ❤️

Teacher Training Aerial Vinyasa Yoga with Elements – Ericeira


10:00 - 18:00

R. de São Félix 12G, Ericeira, 2655-362 - Ericeira Yoga Studio

€750,00 - €850,00 Book Now

Teacher Training Aerial Vinyasa with Elements 17 March to 22 of March 2025

This course is designed for Yoga teachers and for Students who would like to learn and expand their knowledge and practice / teach Aerial Vinyasa Yoga.

Aerial Vinyasa Yoga with elements its a training that combines Yoga, Vinyasa, Conscious Movement, Dance, Movement in Water and Restorative practices.

The Elements also will guide the practice: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Spirit.

We recall that what’s exists in the macro also exists in the micro.

What makes Nature also exists in our body. We are Nature.

The presence of the elements helps us to connect in a deeper, more conscious and therapeutic way.

Practicing with the silk consciously, together with breathing helps to create space in the body, to relax deeply, to activate many parts of the body, to play, to dance, to face fears, to find our movement and Feel.

This Training is a Fusion between the Body, the Breath, the Movement, the Elements and the Silk.


  • Introduction to Aerial Yoga, the roots of this practice
  • Safety rules, setting up the class
  • The silk and the body
  • The Five Elements theory
  • How to use the theory of Five Elements (Earth, Water, Fire and Air) in Aerial Yoga practice
  • Methodology: Asanas with the silk
  • Restorative Practice
  • Aerial Yoga and Inversions
  • Transitions
  • YogaLab
  • Pranayama
  • Sequencing – putting it all together
  • Spotting and adjusting
  • Daily Aerial Yoga practice
  • Practicum (practice teaching)
  •  Kurunta practice
  • Vertical Silk Class
  • Water Movement LiquidZome
  • Limited SpotsThis course is international certified by YACEP Yoga AllianceReservations: To reserve your spot transfer 300 euros and the rest until 15 of May (Earlybird ) or until the last week before the course.


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Teacher Training Aerial Vinyasa Yoga with Elements
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Teacher Training Aerial Vinyasa Yoga with Elements
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